#1 Basement Cat

12 Sep

Basement Cat is better than Radiohead

In a world where Radiohead and Cat Power were two major deities, Radiohead would be, like, whoever’s fourth or fifth in command — like Apollo or something — and Cat Power would be one of those lesser footnote gods that’s only worshipped by one-eyed old ladies in a couple hopeless villages (Chan Marshuvius, goddess of random tears and whoa, you need to chill). So yeah, there’s little doubt that Radiohead are better than Cat Power.

But there’s a different cat whose neutered genital leavings Phil Selway wouldn’t deserve to have shoved up his nostrils as an act of devotion — Basement Cat.

Weird fishes, bears, sardines? Really? That’s all you’ve got Radiohead? Basement Cat has his OWN BIBLE. Not to mention his own army of darkness, a reckless disregard for spelling, and fucking EBEL POWERS.

Clearly, Basement Cat is better than Radiohead.


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