#5 Juggalos

14 Feb
Juggalos are better than Radiohead

Juggalos are better than Radiohead

Say what you will about Juggalos, and I will… Y’know how when you see someone stub their toe and you can tell it really hurts but it’s still really funny because it wasn’t you? Yeah, well, “life” is the one  laughing at Juggalos as they perpetually stub their toes through it.

But still.

For all their fetal alcohol syndrome faces and their shallow gene pool, the Juggalos of the Insane Clown Posse have one thing Radiohead will never have — an unflinching, totally simple, borderingly retarded loyalty to their band.

Sure, Radiohead fans looove their band. And sure there are some nerds so devoted that they’ll sit there and try to dissect the secret messages contained in”Pulk/Pull Revolving Doors.” But truthfully, that will never match the commitment of painting your face and saying “I. Am. Juggalo.”

Because when you say “I Am Juggalo” you’re basically saying, “I realize I’m a failure in life.” Yet, Juggalos still do their thing. That dedication in the face of the universe essentially pissing in their faces is admirable. And for that, Juggalos will always be better than Radiohead.


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